Our Story

Hello Sleepy Sloths

My name is Angel, and I am the founder of Sleepy Sloth Bakery. I started this business after being diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia while on active duty in the Army. Idiopathic hypersomnia is a chronic neurological sleep disorder that causes excessive daytime sleepiness even after a good night's sleep, and naps are not refreshing. Every doctor informed me that finding a job would be close to impossible with this disorder. Who would hire someone who needed to sleep every few hours? Of course, this made me sad and confused about making a living. After thinking about my situation every day and speaking with others with the same disorder, I decided to find a company that fit my needs. A place that would not punish me for being sleepy or needing a break. Somewhere that did not get upset that I was late or could not get out of bed. A company that believed in their employees and understood their needs. I found no such company until my husband, family, and friends suggested I work for myself.
The idea of working for myself scared me. What will I do? What can I sell? I thought about how I loved being in the kitchen. I always wanted to be beside my Granny while she made bunny cakes for Easter or do whatever I could to help my Grandmother while she cooked Sunday dinner. I enrolled in a food occupation class for an elective during ninth and tenth grade, and I thought baking was the most amazing thing in the world. But I never thought of baking as more than just a hobby; I would bake for all of my friends. This hobby continued when I joined the Army as a medic. I would bake desserts for my fellow battle buddies for different occasions, birthdays, going away parties, even just because cakes. With every dessert, someone would say, "you need to open a bakery."
Now, here I am with a sleep disorder, no job prospects, and a thing for baking. It took my husband to say, “you can sell desserts from home, which would allow you to make your schedule and sleep whenever you need." I decided I would jump right in. I started doing my research on what I needed to start a home business. I took the required classes, picked the perfect name, registered the business, filed for an EIN, created the logo, menu, and website, and all that is left is to sell our wonderful desserts to you.